Print Marketing in the Digital Age

In this case, old school does not mean out of date. Just like a bottle of wine or a nice whiskey, print marketing is a technique that has only gotten better with age. Just stop for a moment and think of the experience of smelling that glass of wine, swirling it around the glass, taking that first taste… as opposed to reading about it. Both are experiences, but one is just much more tangible. This is just one way you can think of print vs. digital marketing.



Just like when you are developing any other marketing strategy, start by deciding what you want to do with your print campaign. Do you want to build awareness? Do you want to increase sales? What are your overall business objectives right now, and how can print be used to meet those goals? Go ahead and write everything down, from increasing social media engagement to gathering leads or building your list of email prospects. Yes, print can do that too.



Print you can hold in your hands. You see, touch and feel it, which studies have shown can make your brand more memorable. This is because customers are able to physically connect with your brand. To heighten this, think outside of the standard printer paper box!


Design your materials to reflect your brand identity in a uniquely pleasing and functional way. Technology is steadily driving down printing costs, so you can do more with your dollar. Remember, people interact with your print materials in this 3D world, instead of on a flat computer screen. Consider getting your business cards cut into the shape of your product or play around with cutouts, textures, or graphics. The key is to design your print materials to physically represent you brand voice and offerings. This will make your print materials stand out from others, and will make your marketing message more effective.



Don’t be afraid to use your print materials to drive traffic to your other marketing channels. Are you looking to increase engagement to your social media? Put it on your print! When designing promotional materials like flyers that feature sales or deals go ahead and put a call to action to follow you on Facebook for similar offers. You could direct people to subscribe to your email blast for lead capture (if you don’t want to stick with print and send them direct mail instead). You could even just focus on driving people to your website to learn more about other offerings. Remember, marketing is about building a relationship with your customers, and print is just one way to communicate.


You want to engage your customers in multiple ways so that you are trusted and memorable. You can’t fit everything they could possibly want to know on one piece of paper, business card, free pen, or whatever material you are printing. Instead, focus on directing them to places where they can find more information, whether that is calling to ask questions, emailing for more info, or even just liking your Facebook page.



You know those pens people hand you with their logo and website on them? That’s print marketing. So, think outside of the box when deciding on things to give people. Flyers may be read, but are easily misplaced or thrown away. When was the last time you threw away a perfectly good pen? Never, that’s when.


By giving people things they can use, you are also creating a positive association for your brand in their mind. Your customers see that free cup as a gift, even though you see it as increased awareness for your lemonade stand. Therefore, these printed materials tend to have a greater impact than text alone, and can lead to an increased top-of-mind awareness for your brand.