leadership philosophy

Since the early days of her career, Melissa has always believed that work accomplished as a team yields better results than an each man for himself approach. As a manager, she wants to be seen as a leader who rolls up her sleeves and gets in the trenches alongside her team. Melissa strives to build a department that accepts credit for accomplishments achieved as a team.




Twice faced with the challenge of finding the intersection of limited hiring ability and broad scope of skills required, Melissa has successfully built lean, mean marketing teams that have achieved big results. 



When Cady Studios hired Melissa, she became the first full-time dedicated marketing employee in the company's history and worked alongside a single graphic designer. As a local company that was quickly expanding to a regional company with additional product lines and services, the need for an entire marketing department quickly presented itself. As the company's busy season approached, Melissa was given a short time frame and a limited salary budget to develop a department structure, hire and train a team.

In order to strategically and efficiently build the department, Melissa began by setting the department up in Asana to outline all product lines, collateral needs and project timelines. Melissa then took an outcome first approach to outlining the departmental structure by assessing the required skills and experience to be successful and then working backwards to draft the roles and responsibilities. An interview process that included a simple skills test was created to quickly identify top prospects.

Within three weeks, the process was completed and the marketing department grew to a team of five. The original graphic designer was promoted and joined by two junior graphic designers, as well as a Marketing Coordinator.

Working in a highly collaborative environment, tracking all activity through Asana, holding daily standing meetings and weekly brainstorming sessions. Educating and mentoring the new employees on the business as well as marketing strategies and best practices allowed them to begin working independently because they were able to apply that knowledge to produce higher quality work with less direct supervision.


With only two marketing employees, the department struggled to expand the scope of work necessary to achieve aggressive company quarterly and yearly goals.  Executive leadership did not fully recognize the scope and impact of the marketing department and was therefore resistant to departmental growth. 

Melissa was tasked by the VP of Marketing to build the ideal annual marketing plan that directly supported company goals and objectives. The plan was then laid out into a monthly grid that broke down individual activities and man hours to achieve the proposed marketing plan while clearly identifying the gap in department capacity.

Taking the same outcome first approach, two hybrid roles were developed to fulfill the identified gaps which comprised a wide variety of necessary skills and experience.

Although the job was publicly posted, finding the right employees required an active role in seeking out qualified candidates. The roles were filled through networking and a creative staffing firm. 

Within the first six months, the team was able to develop and launch an award winning website that addressed four separate B2B audiences as well as a B2C sister site. Accomplishing this with a complex business model and new employees was the result of intensive initial training on the messaging and operational aspects of the company, as well as ongoing mentoring throughout the project.



Past employees share their experience working with Melissa.