During a complete overhaul of company’s digital presence, an emphasis on improving custom user experiences prompted a massive database rebuild which combined several siloed systems into a single universal database. This allowed for the creation of custom user email journeys triggered by various website and ecommerce actions and shifted the email marketing campaigns for 7 product lines were shifted from system-wide “blasts” to timely, relevant and targeted email messages that focus on the customer’s journey through the sales process.

An overall decrease in customer support requests, customer complaints, a shortened buying cycle and an increase in conversions was seen within the first 3 months.

Strategic Web Development

Faced with a complex healthcare model that included multiple products targeted at five separate audiences, unclear messaging and value propositions and an outdated website, the company required an extensive redevelopment project. Keeping all work in-house, saving tens of thousands of dollars, an end-to-end project scope beginning with an enterprise level digital business strategy and ending with inbound funnel creation and A/B tested landing pages was developed. Data-backed messaging was clarified for all products and audiences, with clear user journeys defined for each type of audience user, case studies and other relevant content was created, and an award winning website was created.

Website won the 2016 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement and an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Ragan’s Healthcare PR & Marketing.


An annual sales promotion that is targeted to past customers for a one-time only purchase product had severely underperformed the previous two years. Data from previous campaigns was analyzed along with current year data for other campaigns. Based on analytical results, the campaign was restructured to run a larger quantity of emails over a shorter time period, optimized for specific day/time delivery, emails were personalized with variable data and the emails received new designs and copy.

The new campaign resulted in a 29% YOY sales increase and received a 13.7% CTR.


The company was disadvantaged and unable to be seen as an enterprise level player in the healthcare space after years with an inconsistent visual brand aesthetic, inconsistent messaging and marketing materials that lacked design or content hierarchy. The visual brand identity elements were streamlined and standardized, iconography was created for all aspects of the business to help simplify a complex business model, messaging and value propositions were clarified and standardized and all-new company collateral including sales presentations, marketing collateral, case studies and business stationery were created. Additionally, company-wide training was conducted to ensure consistent on-brand usage, a central marketing repository was created and C-Suite level Sales team received extensive training on effective delivery of new materials

After implementation of all branding elements and training, the company was able to secure C-Suite level meetings with several major health plans after 12-18 months of attempts.


Recent turnover, historically inconsistent messaging and a lack of a true company training process left an executive sales team fractured in communication and varied in results. After the completion of refining the brand messaging and value proposition, the executive sales process was streamlined and formalized. All existing marketing materials were redesigned and critically needed new collateral was identified and designed. Quarterly Sales trainings were implemented and the annual National Sales meeting had a larger focus on aligning marketing efforts with sales goals, including collaborative creation of indiviual marketing plan for each sales executive. 


Due to complex business model, patients were billed by the company yet had never had any interaction prior to receiving a bill. A test-pilot for a pre-surgery communication and education program was developed that included a patient-focused website and direct mail communications. Customer satisfaction ratings increased among the test-pilot population.

Additionally, the company wrote off approximately $4M annually in bad debt. Extrapolation of the test pilot conversion and collection rates projected approximately $1.2M in recovered revenue.


With a primarily seasonal, quickly trained staff across multiple locations, implementing new programs and standardizing in-person customer experience was a challenge due to poor internal communication and lack of documentation. An internal communications process was developed and implemented that included full details on each campaign, all required materials and customer service steps for multiple product lines as well as internal processes. Each campaign launch included a manager training and department training. Documents were then used for future training.


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