Pinterest Video Tutorial


Video Creative Brief

Create a short and engaging video that would be included in every school-wide senior meeting introducing students Cady Studio's new Pinterest Style Guide.


the challenge:

Cady Studios, a high school senior photography studio, continuously had clients arrive for their portrait session without enough or the right style of clothing items. This resulted in a large volume of clients who were unhappy with their portraits and seeking refunds or retakes because their outfit and the background did not go together. They needed a way to guide student's wardrobe selections for their senior portraits that still allowed for each client's individual style and wardrobe preferences.

The solution was to leverage Pinterest, which was a rapidly growing platform in 2013 when they created their Pinterest Style Guide. A board was created for every background option for both boys and girls. Each board was filled with a variety of current styles that would look on a specific background. The new style guide was advertised during in-school assembly presentations and in the senior magazine each student receives.


scope of work

  • Wrote Script
  • Directed Videography
  • Created the Pinterest Style Guide


Students and parents responded extremely well to the Pinterest Style Guide and appreciated the wardrobe guidance. Several clients a day would arrive with outfits nearly identical to outfits they saw on the Pinterest Style Guide.