Why Relus?

The executive bios on the Relus website ask the question "Why Relus?", immediately prompting my own answer to come to mind. As a marketing executive, I rely on data to excel at my job but it has never been easy to obtain - in fact, it's typically been an uphill battle. I have been a vocal advocate for big data solutions for several years and the idea of working for a company with a clear mission, that emphasizes company culture and solves the big-data problem, among many other solutions, is an idea i want to bring to fruition. 


Why Me?

In answering "Why Relus?", you are selling the company. It's only fair that I do the same, right?

The company culture of Relus. A fit with the culture of a company is one of the top things I look at in a prospective employer and Relus appears to have one of the best company cultures I've seen. 

The data. I have developed successful digital marketing campaigns with fragmented data and basic tools which makes me ask, what kind impact could I make with the data and marketing automation capabilities available at Relus? I want to find out.

The VP of Marketing job description. If I sat down and wrote a list of job functions that I enjoy and excel at, it would be a pretty close match to this role. Strategic alignment, brand messaging and customer experiences are my passion areas. And to prove that's not just cover letter fluff, I've included a few micro case studies below. 



Due to complex business model, patients were billed by the company yet had never had any interaction prior to receiving a bill. A test-pilot for a pre-surgery communication and education program was developed that included a patient-focused website and direct mail communications. Customer satisfaction ratings increased among the test-pilot population.

Additionally, the company wrote off approximately $4M annually in bad debt. Extrapolation of the test pilot conversion and collection rates projected approximately $1.2M in recovered revenue.


During a complete overhaul of company’s messaging and strategy, the email marketing campaigns for 7 product lines were shifted from system-wide “blasts” to timely, relevant and targeted email messages that focus on the customer’s journey through the sales process.


An annual sales promotion that is targeted to past customers for a one-time only purchase item had severely underperformed the previous two years. Data from previous campaigns was analyzed along with current year data for other campaigns. The campaign was restructured and optimized to run a larger quantity of emails over a shorter time period, optimized for specific day/time delivery, emails were personalized with variable data and the emails received a new design and new copy. The new campaign resulted in a 29% YOY sales increase and received a 13.7% CTR.


A complex business model consisting of five separate stakeholders in a single transaction created a disconnect and in consistency in employee's ability to explain what the company did and what the value proposition to each stakeholder was. A complete audit of all existing company collateral proved to be inconsistent and included lengthy copy written at a doctoral level. Tasked with developing concepts to simply messaging while learning the business as a new employee, simple one-sentence company description and value propositions were developed. That messaging was then further refined through market research and a series of customer interviews.


Recent turnover, historically inconsistent messaging and a lack of a true company training process left an executive sales team fractured in communication and varied in results. After the completion of refining the brand messaging and value proposition, the executive sales process was streamlined and formalized. All existing marketing materials were redesigned and critically needed new collateral was identified and designed. Quarterly Sales trainings were implemented and the annual National Sales meeting had a larger focus on aligning marketing efforts with sales goals, including collaborative creation of indiviual marketing plan for each sales executive. 


With a primarily seasonal, quickly trained staff across multiple locations, implementing new programs and standardizing in-person customer experience was a challenge due to poor internal communication and lack of documentation. An internal communications process was developed and implemented that included full details on each campaign, all required materials and customer service steps for multiple product lines as well as internal processes. Each campaign launch included a manager training and department training. Documents were then used for future training.


I know your time is valuable...

If you've made it this far, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to review my work. I look forward to speaking with you soon to learn more and discuss how I could be an asset to Relus.

I can be reached at 404.904.6519 or melissa.a.brookman@gmail.com. 

Thank you,